[Klug-general] Custom ATX sized heatsink

Alex Layfield alex at alexlayfield.force9.co.uk
Wed Sep 23 16:07:32 UTC 2009

It does seem as if the core2duo can be passively cooled, but yes, with a large heatsink.

I went on to the Akasa website, where they have a pretty Cu one, only 1u high but needs some air movement.

The hardware needs to be pretty tight, as it's for marine application.

##Si sachets may be useful.

Sealed unit will become an oven if I don't pipe out to a case heatsink.

What I'm after is a company that can mill such custom heatsinks.

Most companies I've seen only do smaller ones.

Maplins do one that's 150mm x 100mm...

I need to know the max TDP for the whole shabang, really.

Apparently not a good idea to share heatsink between Chipset & CPU, so perhaps two of those 150mm chaps could work.

Another issue I have is different metals touching each other in damp salty air (corrosive).

One solution would be to use Au throughout. But I'm trying to keep costs low.

I'm not making life easy for myself am I?!


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