[Klug-general] Baffled by Kxbxnxu nxtxoxkxnx Gentoo

james morris james at jwm-art.net
Fri Feb 5 12:25:15 UTC 2010

On 5/2/2010, "james morris" <james at jwm-art.net> wrote:

>Two big problems:
>1) after compiling a custom kernel.
>modules. still fails: "unable to mount root fs on unknown block (0,0)"
>   what is "unknown block (0,0)"? i've specified grub to use (hd0,7)
>which is the /boot partition for gentoo, and i've passed root=uuid= the
>uuid of /.

Just changing kernel command line back from root=uuid to root=/dev/sdb1
means I can boot my custom kernel at last, hurray!

>2) seeing as i'm attempting to use the same kernel and config (except
>2.6.31.n where n++) as i am in debian testing, i decided to add debian
>testing to the (gentoo installed) grub. this fails utterly to boot. i'm
>wondering tho if that's anything to do with debian testing using grub2.

So naturally I try changing the root kernel ocmmandline option for debian
testing too and get "Begin: Waiting for root file system ..."

Oh well, it's an improvement.

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