[Klug-general] Faversham Linux Users Group - workshops

Jake Rayson subs at growdigital.net
Tue Feb 16 08:36:48 UTC 2010

I've booked a room at the Faversham Community Cafe for a series of 4
morning workshops on the first four Tuesdays in April (6th, 13th, 20th
and 27th).

The format will be up to 8 Linux beginners bringing along their
computers, and installing and configuring in situ. Hopefully it'll be
possible to 'buddy' match the beginners with experienced users. 

The workshops will cost £20 per person to cover the hire of the room.

If any one is interested or knows someone who could be, whether beginner
or experience user, then do let me know. I'm also in the midst of
organising an inaugural meeting in early April TBC.

Information will be posted up on http://www.flug.org.uk/ next week some

cheers, Jake

PS the outline of the workshops are:

* **Day 1:** Installation
    * Free Software & LUGs
    * Install Linux
    * Connect to the internet
    * Update
    * Install new software
    * Add software sources
    * Customise the appearance
* **Day 2:** Use the web
    * Install Firefox Add-ons
    * Downloading files
    * Finding answers online
    * Howtos & tutorials
    * Useful forums
    * The FLUG site
* **Day 3:** Email & office
    * Email programs
    * Setting up email
    * OpenOffice.org
    * Installing a printer
    * Creating templates
* **Day 4:** Other applications
    * Listen to MP3s
    * Watch movies
    * Sorting photos
    * Graphics programs
    * Installing fonts

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