[Klug-general] Faversham Linux Users Group - workshops

Jake Rayson subs at growdigital.net
Wed Feb 17 18:25:27 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-02-17 at 15:34 +0000, Dan Attwood wrote: 
>         I guess the counter argument could be to ask why KLUG is not
>         taking the lead and organising something similar?
> Because there is a very small core group that runs Klug.
> We are an open group and anyone is allowed to chip in and help with
> these things or suggest alternatives, organise other events etc. In
> Jakes case I think FLUG is absolutely the right way to go about this.
> Keep it small and local to start with and should it prove successful
> look at the possibility of expanding it.

And just to back this point up, of course I'll be making the Joomla! web
site structure and content available to anyone who wants to set up
something similar.

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