[Klug-general] Faversham Linux Users Group - workshops

David Halliday david.halliday at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 21:58:03 UTC 2010

OK, just to clear some bits up. Jake I'm sorry if I came across as a
little harsh. Sometimes email isn't the best way to communicate
uncertainties. It is all to easy to end up coming over too polite or
too harsh.

I am happy to attend a meeting on April 1st (if I can get there in time etc..).
I am always happy to lend guidance/help to someone less experienced
than I am. Although I don't like to be relied on (I hate to commit to
anything I'm not 99% sure I can deliver on).

I was just a little concerned (and I don't think I was the only one)
about being charged the cost of 10 pints (give or take a bit) to help
others. I'm aware you have since cleared this up.

Now that you have explained more clearly what you are doing you have
my full support. While I can't commit to any meetings etc... I can at
least offer my help on a forum and make an effort to attend some sort
of event. I'm also happy to be part of a buddy system.

I have no problem with people intending to make profit from an OSS
projects or training. In fact I have ideas on doing that myself. I was
(and I assume others were) just concerned about there being a
"stealth" aspect to this. Some KLUG people know me know that I have
had experience of being stung for good nature in the past, I'm aware
that cynicism is a personal daemon [sic] I contend with.

I think it would be advantageous for you (and your project) to
document your session outline on the FLUG website and reference it
with details including location (For those of us who suffer from
inability to drive without GPS) Date, time, schedule etc... about a
week or two before hand. And details of anything that you think would
be helpful if people could bring along.

If I can't make it to meetings in Fav due to work/time constraints
then I wish you the best of luck.

Also on a side note, the '£' "pound sterling" symbol isn't coming up
properly in emails I get. Not sure if this is a gmail, KLUG, mailman
issue etc... Do any admin/more intelligent than I people know?

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