[Klug-general] Faversham Linux Users Group - workshops

Kevin Groves kgroves at ksoft-electrical-projects.co.uk
Fri Feb 19 17:28:26 UTC 2010

I would definitely agree with Dan. It's hard work running and more hands
do help. I had always looked to get more local groups running which
helps with local numbers, then when they need help KLUG on a county wide
basis can dip into a larger pool for help. It's a hard balance, it took
quite a few years of constant digging at the members to reach the
current level and Colin and Dan have done a wonderful job keeping the
pace going. I think FLUG could now be the next stage in KLUG's life. If
we can support a smaller group and it works out (and there has been a
constant need for a presence in that corner of Kent), that could be a
template for more local groups.


On 17/02/10 15:34, Dan Attwood wrote:
>     I guess the counter argument could be to ask why KLUG is not taking
>     the lead and organising something similar?
> Because there is a very small core group that runs Klug. we run the
> website, admin the mailing list and irc, book the meeting places,
> organise and co-ordinate the talks and at some point also try to have
> a life, see loved ones etc. 
> We are an open group and anyone is allowed to chip in and help with
> these things or suggest alternatives, organise other events etc. In
> Jakes case I think FLUG is absolutely the right way to go about this.
> Keep it small and local to start with and should it prove successful
> look at the possibility of expanding it.
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