[Klug-general] FLUG afloat! (well, kind of...)

Stuart Brand stuart at stuartbrand.co.uk
Sun Feb 21 21:16:10 UTC 2010

A question rather then a comment, why? klug hardly has any members so
why would you want to narrow the audience any further?. whats next?
dover user group, ashford user group?

if you are limiting to geographical locations you would alienate
prospective joiners, why not go for some thing a bit broader, as you
already have the URL, Forever Linux user group or Free Linux user group?

not having a go, just curious?



On Sun, 2010-02-21 at 18:33 +0000, Jake Rayson wrote:
> On Sun, 2010-02-21 at 17:11 +0000, George Prowse wrote:
> > > http://www.flug.org.uk/
> > >
> > > Further comments, opinions and offers of help warmly welcomed ;)
> > >
> > nice site, what is the CMS? 
> Joomla! http://joomla.org/ with JEvents http://jevents.net/ , Community
> Builder http://bit.ly/d8EO8h and Kunena forum http://www.kunena.com/ ,
> and using the built-in Purity theme http://bit.ly/bnRPol 
> Joomla! is pretty good for straightforward sites but not as flexible,
> powerful (or complicated!) as Drupal (the CMS Dan used to build the KLUG
> site I believe)
> If anyone wants extra components, I have subscriptions to GPL versions
> of JEvents, sh404SEF, etc.
> cheers, Jake 

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