[Klug-general] Colour Laser for Linux (Kevin Groves)

Ray Osmond rosmond at operamail.com
Sun Feb 28 23:56:11 UTC 2010

I have used Turboprint (www.turboprint.de) for several years now (including the new Turboprint2 software) to drive all of my printers which have been connected to a Networked Windows printer on my home network.  It is about the only piece of Linux software that I have actually paid money for, as it removes all of the hassle of trying to find Linux drivers for printers - you simply choose the printer first and then see, by looking on their website, if Turboprint supports it - which it probably does!  Apparently thet are very open to requests for new printers to be added to their database of supported printers.

If you can borrow/hire a printer of the type that you are considering then the Turboprint download will allow you to try the printer software fully for a trial period of a fortnight before it expires.  It might save you the problem of having to buy an HP printer simply because HP is the firm that best supports Linux printer driver software.

Ray Osmond.

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