[Klug-general] GIMP Scripting

Paul Littlefield info at paully.co.uk
Thu Jun 23 11:54:09 UTC 2011

On 23/06/11 11:59, Mike Evans wrote:
> GIMP does scripts?  Wow!  The little bit I've done I did with the shell and ImageMagick command line trickery.

Yeah, I've used ImageMagick in the past too and it does work.

I just fancied trying something which reminded of the cool Photoshop actions buttons.

[click] --> image rotated, resized and saved as a whatever.jpg in this folder.

That rocked. Not cheap, but rocked.


If anyone who can do this in their sleep can spend a little time writing me a rotate and resize script, I would be happy bunny.

If not, ImageMagick it is I guess.


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