[Klug-general] KLUG meetings

Kevin Groves kgroves at ksoft-electrical-projects.co.uk
Wed Apr 25 12:24:47 UTC 2012

Hmm taking another view what about an idea/problem is placed (ahead for 
time to plan) and people present different approaches to solving it. No 
prizes as there is no winner, but interesting to see how people approach 
something and some may go for an interesting route.

Anyway still looking at things. I have a list of themes I will post up 
shortly just to get things moving, locations will then follow when I've 
had chance to catch up with everyone who's suggested or stepped forward.

On 25/04/12 05:55, James Earll wrote:
> Just an idea - I've no idea if this will go down well or not:
> Couldn't we have some skills sharing meetings or make this part of
> an event?
> Example; 10 people make a 5 minute presentation each on an area of
> expertise. Expounding an idea, skill, technique etc, in any
> Linux/IT related field.
> Members of the public could also be invited to learn.
> James.
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