[Klug-general] Worst Ubuntu update ever

Mike Evans mike at tandem.f9.co.uk
Sat Apr 28 11:35:09 UTC 2012

I've not updated - because I'm ditching our old failing laptop (which is 
where I've historically run Ubuntu).  We have a new Asus X54H, on which 
I had intended to install Ubuntu minus Unity - but it arrived and I'd 
not downloaded a suitable install iso and did have Fedora16 so whacked 
that on it with the intention of installing Ubuntu in another partition 
later.  Sounds as though I shouldn't bother unless someone can establish 
that the issue is with the upgrade process rather than a fresh install. 
  Do let us know how that goes.

I'll post a separate review of the Asus shortly.


On 28/04/12 12:05, Colin McCarthy wrote:
> I've disliked Unity since it's release but have been upgrading my
> desktop to the latest version each time and have just been using their
> 'classic' desktop.
> The upgrade to 12.04 has been the worst update of all the updates. Unity
> or Classic arent working correctly. This is now my desktop
> https://twitter.com/#!/colinmccarthy/status/195967208998961152/photo/1 completely
> unusable.
> By now I would expect a smoother update from Ubuntu.
> Anyone else made the mistake of updating and having issues?
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