[Klug-general] [NEW MEMBER] Thank you.

James Earll jearll16 at hushmail.com
Sat Feb 11 13:54:29 UTC 2012

Thank you for all your support & thoughts ladies and gentlemen, I 
have decided to go for the Comptia/Oracle/LPIC certs, I feel it's 
better than just saying you are a Gnuru, especially as I have no 
pro experience. 

I guess the certification/youth unemployment debate is more about 
national politics than what employers think of the folks behind 
LPIC. I would do a youtube search for Brian Gerrish or Albert 
Burgess if you want to hear someone talking with substance.

Anyway, I would love to join a KLUG meeting -- tinkering with 
hardware, obsessing over a command or what RMS said last week, 
making new friends, all those things, but I (perhaps foolishly) 
relocated to Asia to escape the indignity of being sniggered at 
from behind the counter at jobcentre"+" :).

Love the list, and hope to contribute as my knowledge grows.

Best to you all,


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