[Klug-general] openssh or what?

Mike Evans mike at tandem.f9.co.uk
Wed Feb 15 13:55:49 UTC 2012

ssh is simple and will probably work with almost no effort.  In fact I'm 
typing this to you using a set-up similar to the one you describe.  I 
prefer to have my email downloaded to one place and I get it with 
fetchmail and distribute it to the mailboxes on a machine running 
fedora.  I had thought of setting up an IMAP server there, but have 
never quite found the time.  Instead we use thunderbird to access it.

Meanwhile here I sit on a laptop, running Ubuntu, and I have a launcher 
on my toolbar which does

    ssh -X <machine name> thunderbird

The gnome launcher is smart enough to pop up a window asking for my 
password on the remote machine.

I'm sure I would find some applications a bit slower over WiFi but email 
and browsing all but the most dynamic content seems fine.

I like it because all the bits came included and it just worked :)


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