[Klug-general] Future of KLUG, an offer/idea

Luc Tidy luc.tidy at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 18:11:56 UTC 2012

With some positive feedback so far I would like to expand on a plan to 
get this moving forward. I will aim for this to not be too long,, but it 
will outline my ideas. All of this, of course, is malleable. So we are 
clear I am offering to facilitate to enable our community to move 
forward and in no way wish to dictate.

1. What We Want
First and foremost I would like us to have a discussion about where we 
currently are, and what people would like to see in the future. 
Ultimately, as we'll need it if KLUG becomes part of a society, is our 
mission statement. To this end I would recommend the society is separate 
from KLUG itself, this way KLUG can be a part of the society without 
being tied up and we can manage it as such. Similarly I think if we are 
going to get a broad catchment, then we need a broad society - "Medway 
Computer Society" (as these are done, MedComSoc), or along the lines 
will fit the bill and hopefully will not tread on any toes. This will 
mean that KLUG will be in association with 'MedComSoc'.

2. What I Can Offer
I've been doing this stuff at the institution for five years, when UMSA 
itself has only been about four, I've known the paperwork hassle since 
it all started up and can 'do the books' so-to-speak. So by proxy what 
does UMSA require, and what does it offer.

2.1 UMSA Requirements
UMSA asks for a membership "fee" of £3 per head (please read on, you'll 
like it) for the year, along with a constitution and some basic risk 
assessment. I can certainly handle the latter two. As for the former 
this £3 per head goes into an UMSA account, with a set amount (depending 
on the number of members) added to it for expenditure by the society. 
For instance for 12 members, there is an £80 investment from UMSA. So 
everyone puts in a total of £36 and the society has a total UMSA account 
to spend of £116.

We also need to cater to students, as in my previous e-mail I feel this 
wouldn't be that difficult to get going at all. It may mean some 
advertising stuff, and attendance of Fresher's fayres but I'm sure we'll 
get the numbers. The minimum to be a society is 12 students, but with so 
much IT/CompSci/CompEng on the site I don't see this being a problem.

2.2 UMSA Benefits
As I mentioned, depending on membership we receive a pot of money from 
UMSA that could be used in further advertising, trips, social 
gatherings, even to the extent of conferences/conventions if we want to 
do so.

Similarly, a society pays nothing for booking rooms on campus, and to 
give an idea as our tabletop society is the most active on campus, we 
get two evenings a week, at least one Sunday and for some two Sundays 
each month all for free. These are generally lecture rooms, though I can 
liaise with my colleagues to see about computer labs - though I will 
admit this is something I've not entirely ventured into before.

We also get their advertising, liaison with T-shirt printers, the 
student newspaper etc. to spread the word to other students.

2.3 Where do I come in?
Well, aside from what we've discussed, I'm a Computer & Comms 
Engineering PhD research engineer that's been here for a while. I 
haven't got to many contacts with the Uni. of Kent, but I know a lot of 
the lecturers and support stuff (technicians, admins) within the School 
of Engineering at Greenwich. I'm sure they would be happy to get on 
board for a CompSoc; something which I can start broaching the subject 
of now.

3 So, what's the time plan?
As I say I already run a society here and have access to set up meetings 
or for people to come and visit. I can also arrange meetings with staff 
or other interesting parties should they be required. As for leading up 
to setting up a society, I would like everyones input. In the mean time 
we can get used to the venue under the gaming society, Maritime Games' 
(MG), banner whilst we formulate the constitution of "MedCompSoc" and 
get the ball rolling on that front. We can also work out KLUG 
association with it, and that dynamic, if needed (as our malleability we 
could have KLUG being a soc).

So that KLUG does not stay stagnant, again under the MG banner, I can 
organise a monthly, weekend booking. This would give existing members 
time to get used to the facility, and possibly even to see if we want to 
go down that road.

The main time constraints is to have something ready to go for the 
catchment in September when we can formalise a society in its own right, 
though we can do things with the Uni in the meantime.

4 The immediate future
As far as I'm aware we don't have a meeting place for March. Therefore I 
would like to propose, before going and booking a Saturday, that I 
already have rooms booked for Sunday 18th March 10am-6pm. Now I can 
understand the difficulty for some that a Sunday brings, but I will be 
available on campus to talk in person and can arrange a meeting (prepare 
some slides if you would prefer I be more formal and the like) in one of 
the rooms I already have available.

As long as I know by the 2nd of March I can book a Saturday, and we can 
arrange times accordingly.

5 How to contact me.
I'm ascertainable by e-mail, or on the #klug IRC. I'm also available on 
Skype - luciel8472 (yeah, yeah) but I'd prefer an e-mail to say you're 
adding me to skype with your username before just to make sure. For 
those that would like to meet me in person, the campus is where I'll be. 
During 9-5 weekdays there is a parking fee, but I am available in the 
Blake building - just arrange a time with me, and let security know you 
are visiting me (Luc Tidy). If you would prefer to contact me by 
telephone please send me a personal e-mail and I'll provide it to you.

Of course, more ideas into the meting pot are always welcome,


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