[Klug-general] Linux and broadcast talk

Chris Roberts chris at naxxfish.eu
Mon Sep 9 08:59:14 UTC 2013

Hi kluggers,

A meeting! Hurrah! Its in my diary!

I may have a little talk, if anyone is interested, about the various ways
linux is made useful in broadcasting. In particular how CSRFM made
particularly good use of it when covering the Lounge on the Farm festival
this year.

I'd also be covering a favourite project of mine, openOB, which is a
gstreamer based audio codec that is designed for use by radio stations to
send audio to various locations.

Other subtopics might include JACK, Rotter, raspberry pi and Asterisk.

If anyone is involved in community radio or similar it might well be very
handy! But even if you're not it should at least be interesting.

Is there sufficient interest?
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