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James Morris jwm.art.net at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 12:19:32 UTC 2013

I'd be interested too but can't make the meeting either. I attempted a talk
on JACK at a KLUG meeting the other year (Medway Inv. Centre), but my
mediocre verbal communication skills and misjudging the level of
understanding on the people I was talking to, meant it didn't go quite as
well as I hoped. But thankfully, some of the guys did help me out quite
well in explaining some of the problems involved with RT audio that JACK


On 9 September 2013 09:59, Chris Roberts <chris at naxxfish.eu> wrote:

> Hi kluggers,
> A meeting! Hurrah! Its in my diary!
> I may have a little talk, if anyone is interested, about the various ways
> linux is made useful in broadcasting. In particular how CSRFM made
> particularly good use of it when covering the Lounge on the Farm festival
> this year.
> I'd also be covering a favourite project of mine, openOB, which is a
> gstreamer based audio codec that is designed for use by radio stations to
> send audio to various locations.
> Other subtopics might include JACK, Rotter, raspberry pi and Asterisk.
> If anyone is involved in community radio or similar it might well be very
> handy! But even if you're not it should at least be interesting.
> Is there sufficient interest?
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