[Klug-general] Finally M$ free (nothing to do with W10)

Glen Skiner junkfoodjunki at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 15:46:20 UTC 2015

Congratulations on severing the tether.

If your up for it there is software to "jailbreak" your iPod.  If you
haven't heard of it, it's called RockBox.  I have used it to add features
to my Sansa Clip+.  Doing this makes syncing easier with iPod's.  Most
users of this prefer the doubletwist music player.  I don't believe it's
FOSS per se but it works wonders. Think it even works with stock iPod
firmware quite well.
On 2 Feb 2015 09:14, "Paul Lawrence" <paul.z.lawrence at btinternet.com> wrote:

> New Year Resolution … achieved.
> Just to say finally I'm - finally - M$ free!!
> Final hurdle was operating an iPod Touch 2nd Gen on Ubuntu. Struggled to
> find a way of operating/sync-ing music/podcasts (I'm a BIG fan of BBC Radio
> 4 podcasts … Fri Night Comedy, TIMC, In Our Time ... also, check out latest
> Reith Lecture and A History of Ideas). After much searching and reading and
> testing, mainly confirming it is hard as Apple seems to 'obscure' the
> contents of the Touch, decided the way to go was to replace the iPod – my
> main aim was to operate the device away from iTunes not to have that
> specific iPod. eBay and much pondering later, my son-in-law wanted more
> storage so I swapped the 16G Touch for an 8G Nano 4th Gen. Result?
> Satisfaction! Rhymthbox sees and plays the Nano contents - which is more
> than it ever did on the Touch - but sync-ing of Podcasts to Nano resulted
> in many duplicate files. Still learning gtkpod but it seems to fit the
> bill. All running on Ubuntu 14.04 on an Thinkpad X200s.
> Now, what shall I do with that (very, very old) 'spare' W7 lappy? And how
> do I ….. ?
> Paul
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