[linuxjobs] Rackspace

Gustav Maskowitz gus.maskowitz at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 22:11:40 UTC 2007

Hi guys,

I recently started at a hosting company near Heathrow and it is truly a 
terrific place to work. We however, still need a lot of good people to 
fill the many roles from junior to senior Linux (and windows)  techs.

These positions are not availiable because other people have left - It's 
there because we grow naturally by approx. 80% a year!

Be aware, they only appoint the exceptional 'people' who show true good 
form ..so if you are aware of what you still need to learn, and you 
truly care about customer support - you will get the job over some 
hotshot showoff who can work a shell. Obviously - you need to know a bit ;)

Please trust me - if you are a geek... you *want* to work here. (For 
one....Starbucks coffee is free and bottemless)

Gimme a call so I can help you through the recruitment process (and no i 
am not an agent - I just cant say the company's name on a list like 
this) I am truly a tech who is really happy.

OkeCheers Bye!


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