[Nottingham] Wireless networking

Martin Garton nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Aug 30 19:51:00 2002


I've been playing around with a couple wireless network cards in two of 
my machines, and I'm looking for advice/help from anyone who has 
done similar.

Both cards are prismII based. One is an "IBM High-rate Wireless LAN PC 
Card 128" and the other is an "SMC EZ Connect Wireless (SMC2632W)"

I have the IBM card in a desktop machine (via a pcmcia <-> isa bridge)  
and the other in my laptop. I have both interfaces up and iwconfig parms
set correctly I believe. They are both operating in "proper" ad-hoc mode
and can talk to each other okay. eg, I can ssh from one machine to the
other. So far so good.  However, during file transfer such as ftp, I only
get about 10kB/s and I expected much more.

Both cards are using orinico_cs.o currently. I have tried wvlan_cs with 
similar results.

Does this kind of throughput sound much too low? I expected something 
approaching 1MB/s