[Nottingham] Multi-booting

Alex Tibbles nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Dec 4 11:25:00 2002

using lilo or grub (i dont know which SuSE uses)
should be easy. the tricky part is getting a DOS
partition on. if you are lucky enough to have
Partition Magic (expensive) then you can use it to
shrink one of your existing paritions, and create a
FAT16 (aka FAT) partition. PM is very easy to use. i
think that DOS likes to be on a primary partition and
wont like there being > 1 primary partition on the
disk. im not sure what is best on that one.

is you dont have PM, then try GNU parted. the easiest
way to use it is to download the bootable floppy
images, rawrite the image to a floppy (or even use
cdrecord to burn an el torrito image to cdr(w)); then
boot from the floppy and do a resize operation on one
of the paritions. i think parted cant resize NTFS so
it had better be the main linux partition.

then configure the partition.

then configure lilo/ grub to enable booting from the
partition. see man lilo.conf(5)/ man grub. all the
entry needs is a label and the partition /dev/hd*

> Does anyone have any experience with the SuSE boot
> manager (or others)? I'd
> like to create a DOS partition for old games because
> it's a real pain
> getting DOS to work under XP, but I don't really
> know where to start with
> this - is it even possible? My current
> disk/partition setup is as follows:
> HD 1 - 40GB, Windows XP
> 	Partition 1: 39GB, NTFS
> 	Partition 2: 1GB NTFS
NTFS 5.1, i think.

> HD 2 - 20GB, Linux
> 	Partition 1: 18GB, FS?
most likely reiser fs (assuming u used SuSE 7.3) - the
default fs.
> 	Approx 2 others created by Linux during
> installation, FS?
LinuxSwap (for the swap parition) and probably reiser
again for the rest.

> Can anyone suggest how I could alter the above to
> create a dedicated DOS
> partition? Any help/pointers appreciated,

hope this helps


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