[Nottingham] Are the council implementing a linux desktop strategy.

Roger Hyam nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Dec 17 21:57:00 2002


I am based in Scotland and I am looking for some help in putting 
together a proposal concerning the advantages of desktop linux in 
business and the public sector. I am looking for evidence of people 
doing it in the real world. I came across this:

"And as the City Council in Nottingham, England, plans a new software 
application for 10,000 employee workstations, it is seriously asking the 
question, "Are we going to run this on Windows or open-source, like Linux?"



Does anyone know anything about this? Did they do it? Did it work? Could 
some one put me in touch with some one who is/was involved in the project?

Yes I know it is Nottingham *County* Council but the quote comes from 
the states.

Grateful for any help or thoughts,