[Nottingham] kcore file

Paul Sladen nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Dec 18 16:49:00 2002

On Wed, 18 Dec 2002, BUNTER MATTHEW wrote:
> under my /proc directory a file only readable by root called kcore.

This a file that `contains' the contents of RAM, if you read from location
0x1234 in this file you will get the contents of main memory at that point.

In the old days, main fast memory was called `core store'.  In this case,
the `k' comes from `kernel' and so the name is `kcore'.

All of the files within `/proc' are not real files--they don't exist
anywhere--they are generated in a virtual way by the kernel to allow you to
modify, access or change parameters are running.  For instance, doing:

  # cat /proc/filesystems

will tell you what filesystem types are compiled into the kernel which it
knows how to access.

> It's size is 33689600.

I'm guessing you have 32MB of RAM?

Nottingham, GB