[Nottingham] Gnome(s) ate my Desktop

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Thu Dec 19 10:41:01 2002

james.siddle@siemens.com wrote:
> Hi,
> Last night, I was trying to run 'GRip' to Rip a CD into MP3s. For some
> reason when the app had started, a 'nautilus' desktop appeared and subsumed
> my KDE desktop! Even worse than that, my session was saved when I logged out
> so the nautilus desktop was loaded again every time I logged in!
> I managed to track down the problem eventually to a file (hidden away in the
> '.kde. directory) that contained my saved session, and I had to manually
> change it to remove that offending lines, but I'm interested to know how on
> earth this could happen in the first place . .  and has anyone else come
> across strange behaviour like this?

Dont use KDE so hasn't happened to me, but I know why it has happened.

Because Grip is a gnome app, it needs to load some gnome programs when it launches. When this occurs nautilus starts up, because it is setup to "draw the desktop".

To avoid this happening, load nautilus, go into preferences, and uncheck the option "Use Nautilus to draw the desktop"

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