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Alex Walker nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Dec 22 01:39:00 2002

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I'm looking for a good replacement for the way Outlook and Word integrate...
sorry to mention those naughty words on here, but it helps clarify things.

I do sporadic mailings out to a number of people in my address book, and wish
to be able to do form letters and mailing labels to them.  In Winblows, I can
just create a letter, then import names & addresses into it direct from my
address book.  Same for the labels.

I want to be able to do the above in Linux, preferably with the following
i)	No duplication of data entry.  One database to rule them all kind of thing.
So the address book I use for form letters would be the same as I use for
sending out my emails. (this is the most important to me really)
ii)	Easy to set up.  I guess an LDAP database would be ideal, but I've got
frustrated when I've tried to set this up before, even using the LDAP HOWTO.
Does Koffice support LDAP, or just SQL (it seems to only list SQL in the Mail
Merge options).  Or the other option is does Kmail support SQL? (doesn't 
appear to)
iii)	KDE-based - is this some of what Kroupware will do? (not so important,
but would be nice since I like KDE a lot)

Is there anything out there to do this?  Any ideas gratefully received,


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