[Nottingham] Next Meeting? --Wednesday 2003 January 8th

Duncan John Fyfe nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Dec 28 19:29:00 2002

> On Sat, 28 Dec 2002, Jon Masters wrote:
> > On Sat, 28 Dec 2002, Marcel Taylor wrote:
> > > When and where is the January 2003 meeting?
> > 		Wednesday the 8th of January 2003.
> > Does anyone actually object or have alternative reasoning?
> If memory serves, a group of people after the last one were talking about
> some nice (cheap?) restaurant in Nottingham they knew--can they speak up
> now! (Duncan, can you remember where the two places were?)
> It's a one-off different week, in a different year, so we might aswell do
> something slightly different! :-) --it should be differently interesting.
> > As for meeting content, I am happy to talk in February but do not have
> > anything particularly available for this meeting - pub ok with everyone?
> Excellent--February (Wed 3rd) would be a good time for another talk;  could
> the nice man with the little embedded time-table-display boxes raise his
> voice aswell.

The last meeting agreed 8th would be a good date.
Someone (sorry for forgetting who) suggested a Spanish/Tapas place near the Warner Cinema.  If anyone knows this place (ie. name and location) then SHOUT!

As for PiXiE, that was Michael Erskine, who provided the following link for those who don't know what is being talked about.


Michael, would you be willing to give a talk on/demo of  PiXiE in February ?
If so what equipment etc would you need and is the Church hall where the last meeting was held suitable ?

Have fun,