[Nottingham] [OxLUG] Richard Stallman talks at LSE London, Dec 2nd/3rd. (fwd)

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> John doesn't believe Aberystwyth is one of the centres of the known
universe ;)

Have you dragged him out there to sample the delights of Bronglais hospital
and the Ifor 21 (not in that order)? Enough to change most peoples' minds...

Either that, or doing the 5 year MEng course and Prof Bott sticking his
hands down his trousers while lecturing affected my judgement :-/

I'm going back in 2 week's time for a Christmas dinner with some friends.
It's quite true that the escape velocity of Aberystwyth is unusually high...

> Duncan
> (formerly @aber.ac.uk)

(apparently smc6@aber.ac.uk still forwards to me, so it's not "formerly"

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