[Nottingham] via kt4 Ultra Raid Board...any good with linux?

Paul Sladen nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Nov 26 17:54:00 2002

On 26 Nov 2002, Lee wrote:
> 'Ah I love the sound of raid striping (with parity) in the morning,

"Striping" tends to be associated with RAID0 and "parity" with RAID5.

I remember a CV once that read:

  ``I have an approach to backups to inspire confidence''

It would be libellous of me to suggest that in their former job, notions of
`confidence' had not lead to any real-world DLT tapes having been purchased.

Backup to the board, "probably" although I would recommend using kernel
RAID, not the hardware (probably quasi-IDE-soft-``RAID'') if you can be
arsed to set it up.

> I do miss matt's BOFH sig these day,


Press `Refresh' for more worldly inspirations.

> 'keep it naan'

Must tell us about this Naan-net sometime!  :)

Nottingham, GB