[Nottingham] via kt4 Ultra Raid Board...any good with linux?

Lee nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Nov 27 14:31:00 2002

Thanks fo the advice.....

as for mirroring in software, I've always been a bit dubious about it,
because NT's mirror is so so bad in software , but maybe linux is a
breath of fresh air, I know it is in other departments  :-).

Can you mirror a boot device in linux with software?

or is it best just to have three driver's and mirror two of them whilst
the remaining two data drives are a mirror?

Murphy's law will dictate the the unmirror drive will fail first..


IDE Disk A------
               |---Primary Linux mirror
IDE Disk B------ 

by using a mirror boot partition, do I run the risk of making the system
hard to recove (fsck/restore from backup) in case of a failure?

Arrgg, bleeding harddrives, they make them bigger, faster, and cheaper
but they don't make them more reliable, why doesn't some bright spark
come up with a ide raid adapter that is totaly transparent to the
operating system, so to the os it look's like a nomral ide device...easy
I used to have a xyratek scsi raid system that did the same thing...
it was very sexy, if hardware can be sexy
/end rant

as for naan, you can check the web site if u want, you'll all be please
to know that the all of the network infrastructure will be linux
based.....:-)))).... somebodies come up with linux drivers for the 22mbs
cards too (actual throughput around 8) , so even more fun to be had me
thinks..... I keep getting offer of help, and generous donation of
hardware and software , it really has inspired me to get this thing off
the ground and everyday it seems like much more of relaity instead of a
pipe dream. Perhaps if you wanna talk about it, drop over to the naan hq
for a beer!

Networks, that are fun... that'll be the day. :-) 


On Tue, 2002-11-26 at 21:06, Paul Sladen wrote:
> On Tue, 26 Nov 2002, Rob Andrews wrote:
> > The MSI KT4 board has a Promise PDC20376
> Ah.  I have PDC20276 chip in my London box.  So far it has been nothing but
> a bitch and getting a kernel that will boot has always required patch-
> stacking.
> OTOH, I stoopidly decided to try its idea of ``mirroring'' instead of just
> using the kernel MD drives.  Repeat.  Stoopid me.  Don't Repeat.
> 	-Paul
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