[Nottingham] September meeting

Paul Sladen nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Sep 4 00:59:01 2002

On Tue, 3 Sep 2002, Duncan John Fyfe wrote:

> Ritual dictates this should be tomorrow (4th September 2002)

I'm going to be proactive and dictate that I turn up!  Other people will no-
doubt just randomly turn up without saying so first.  ;)

This'll be a social meet at the Wetherspoon's on St. James Street for 8pm.  
If people are organising a trip to Pizza Hut or $OTHER_EATING_VENUE pipe up.

We're also having a meet in Beeston /next/ month (*Wednesday 2nd October*),
to coincide with the start of new student year which will be about wiring
your house with Cat5 Ethernet cable and setting up a small network to share
broadband internet access and play QuakeIII and of course using GNU/Linux. ;)

> Does anyone care ?

LOL!  :)  Since somebody mentioned that the site needs something doing with
it so I'll bring the laptop so that those who want can huddle together and
do some mods and bring the stuff across that Mike did and update the details
for the mailing list.

See you guys (and girls?) there!   Remember some people have had a 100%
success rate at pulling so we're well certified...

Nottingham, GB