[Nottingham] September meeting

Rich Amies nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Sep 4 01:16:00 2002

Heh... I'm not that much of a newbie - I meant newbie to geek meets ;o).
I've used Linux off and on for the last 4/5 years, and have run a few
dedicated servers.  I much prefer KDE3, but in the past Gnome was my window
manager of choice.  At the moment I'm stuck with Windows XP as I can't for
the life of me make my Zoom USB ADSL modem work under Linux - despite trying
the eciadsl.sourceforge.net drivers.  Smoothwall doesn't work with it either

I might pop in - so long as I'm not sitting there all on my own!  Depends on
what time I finish work and all that other crap...

Anyway, my bed is calling me...

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> On Wed, 4 Sep 2002, Rich Amies wrote:
> > Are many people attending?
> Anything up to two dozen, the next big event should be next months so this
> one depends.
> > What actually happens at these meets?
> This one will be drinking b33r and being g33ky!  ;-)  Come and contrast it
> with next months to get savour of all flavours.
> > *newbie alert* :o)
> Just remember that /everyone/ has been a GNU/Linux newbie, so you'll fit
> just fine and if you manage to ask a question between
> on GNOME vs. KDE you should be able to get some answers to any problems
> have too.
> -Paul
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