[Nottingham] Weird Stuff

Guangyue Liu nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Sep 6 20:46:01 2002

Hey Paul,

I've been fooling around with NTL's stuff. i found that when i 
"ping" on my router, i get two replies, both of them are
10.xxx.xxx.xxx. I was thinking that they might be the IPs for my cable modem
but funny thing is one of them is running a telnet deamon ( ;-) hehehe).

So i guess its NTL's router at the other end of the cable modem? but
when i do a "route -n" on my router i am using 213.xxx.xxx.xxx as the default
gateway, and when i do a traceroute from somewhere else the last router before
my machine is a 80.xx.xx.xx. i am a bit confused now.

i guess the 213.xxx.xxx.xxx and one of the 10.xxx.xxx.xxx (the one with
telnetd) is the same machine. but what the hell is the 80.xxx.xxx.xxx?