[Nottingham] insmod unresolved symbols...

Lee nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Sep 11 22:45:01 2002

I'm setting up a suse 7.3 machine, with 2.4.10-SMP-64gb kernel.

I have stuck a aha1542 in it, but when I tried an insmod the thing I get
blah blah blah unresolved symbols..

now, does that mean suse are being dead slack and have'nt recomplied the
kernel module in /lib/modules/ for the current kernel?

or am I just STOOPID.

I'll try a recompile and see if that fixes things....

it's not a hardware problem , because it seems deected and find the card
fine to with tom's boot disk. (which is a rather cool thing)