[Nottingham] Weird Stuff

Lee nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Sep 12 15:55:01 2002

n the caching business, and someone who now
> manages a network of several hundred thousand sites (and several thousand
> servers) I can assure you,  at least in part, that there's nothing as
> boring as looking at what people are browsing.

So you've looked then, that my point... ;-) 

> As long as the majority of the noise on the web is banners, spam and porn
> then the miniscule amount of  stuff  we all push around isin no danger
> of being read.

Oh, I can tell you worked in academia ;-).

> Of course (he says,putting on the Spook hat for change) you've got nothing
> to hide, right? And ifyou have, why mention it?

No, nothing to hide, but I don't like geeks who run caching server
looking at my shit. Goverment yeah, but some geek with too much time on
his hands...no way... :-)


> Yes, I know both  sides of the argument are valid, depending on your POV.
> It's all OT for this  thread, anyway.
> G
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