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Lee nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Sep 12 21:40:00 2002

> Was it? As part of every job I've done I've had to do some sort of
> analysis. Not snooping, but analysis. Snooping is actively looking for
> *something* (or even passively inthe hope that it'sthere), analysis is
> looking to see what is happening and why. In all cases for me, to debug a
> problem and make it goaway.

Yep I agree there, but that's the whole point, that people have access
to your data, which is rather bad, you may trust your machine, and the
server machine, but do you trust thousands of lowly paided and pissed of
geeks, evil corporations that want youe marketing data, bent telco's of
evil countries, spammers etc et the list goes on... between your network
and the network with your data on it?

Caching server are bad, they break the end-to-end nature of the
internet, if you want more users , add more bandwidth, easy. huh.
transparent caches are evil, caches that users can 'decide' to use are
good. incomming transparent caches are even worse, chained together
caches your asking for trouble ;-). I've seen so many problems cause by
caching proxies, I hate em......but if your tight, and want to save
money/bandwidth...well it's the only way to fly.

I laughed the other day when I found out bgp routing updates don't
require authentication, then I stopped laughing....

> > Oh, I can tell you worked in academia ;-).
> And how would that comment give that away, exactly?

It's just I've spent some 'time' on them, thier networks are chaos, pure
chaos, mismanged and under invested, they have all the shiny shiney
cisco equipment, but no clue on how to use it most of the time :-).
I bet working on the linux caching servers was fun though, how did it it
run, well ? more importantly why did you leave, sound like real fun to
me, and why use linux, they should be giving all thier money to a big
corporate, seeing as they recieve so much from them in the first place.

Filesystem corruption you say?? hmmm, what filesystem were you using,??,
never rule out hackers.... because they will never rule out you.

> Remember that "The Internet" as an entity does not actually exist.

Yeah, tell that to the chinese goverment, I think you'll find they would
disagree ;-).

> internet (or several) does, but the whole point of the term is that  it
> comprises a large number of interconnected networks. Someone has to run
> them!
yeah, you don't see the post office opening up all thier letters and
parcels , if one there delivery vans breaks down ;-).

> Personally  I feel  a  healthy level of paranoia  is a  good thing (as is
> a keyboard with a decentspacebar...), but you can have a little too much.

I agree with you G, and no doubt you are trust worthy tech, and a decent
bloke, but there always those with motivies that are not pure. I find it
kinda scarey, with voice over ip being shoved in everyones faces, people
seems to miss the point, it's a lot lot easier to snoop on a ip
telephone, than on a traditional tdm voice call, which is bad. But the
goverment after 9/11 would say that's a good thing. ???

the math's goes like this.

(Networks + Politics) / freedom

but don't scare me,. I'm not up to anything (much ;-) ).

anyway, hope you see my point, I'm off to play with pppoe on linux
see if I can get it working.


'Keep it naan'

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