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hi there NLUGgers
i havent popped my head up before, but we have an office (with network and
b/band - ntl when working) that can be used for a meeting if needed. we are
based in west bridgford (lady bay) with pub close by to retire to if needed
afterwards ;) also it maybe useful for practical stuff as well - kind of
bring yer own pc kind of thing ?
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Hello folks,
Sorry if people have already received this.  I sent it out once before but
nothing came back.

Here are some details about what has been/is planned for the October

Paul has volunteered to give a talk on:
"Wiring your [Student] House for Broadband"

I have booked the Wesley room at Chilwell road Methodist church
for 19:00 - 21:30 on 2nd October 2002.
The room should seat ~ 20 people and has a white wall for a porjector

Paul, what equipment do you need ?

Can I suggest a meeting in the Victoria in Beeston (down by the railway)
 around 20:00 on Monday 23rd September so we can finalize details and/or
talk about the November meeting.  I know Godfrey, you are not keen on pubs
but if more than a few turn up I wouldn't get them all in my living room.  I
an also not going to book a room to talk about booking a room ;)

Have fun,

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