[Nottingham] RevolutionOS (moooore!)

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Wed Dec 10 14:02:58 GMT 2003

Shaun Turner - Footwerkpacific Limited wrote:
> Well, sounds like a riot! What is RevolutionOS BTW?

By heck! You've been out of town...

It's a film about the rise of Linux. Sort of dramatised media expose of 
Linux and our friend Linus.

Not seen it myself yet, so sorry, no critique available and I wouldn't 
want to spoil the fun anyway.

> I am in town 17th so that werks for me.

Looks like there's some interest. Now to get the DVD.

Sorry, but the date will go to a vote and be subject to possibilities.

(You could keep Duncan company that evening (:-))


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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