[Nottingham] power off

Rob Andrews rob at impure.org.uk
Fri Dec 19 12:13:34 GMT 2003

[19-Dec-2003 12:11.12 (GMT) / Jim Driscoll]
 > IIRC, there's something you can put in /etc/inittab to make it able to 
 > shut down when the power button is pressed (plus of course the 
 > aforementioned APM or ACPI support in the kernel). Have a look, there 
 > may already be something in there, just commented out.

Loading the ACPI userland helper patches the power button to execute
'init 0', which powers off when the kernel halts.

/etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh in Debian, but other distros may vary.

Gets quite extensively used when I'm in a hurry!


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