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Thu Feb 6 19:40:00 2003

Ex-amiga enthusiast? EX? I still dabble in the dark arts, but I do use IBMPC
as my main system. I used to be part of #amigascne when i first joined the
internet back in '96 but I left soon after and kept the email address.
Apparently scne is spelt without the first e due to Finnish scene is spelt
with a funny e with an umlaut or something, so sensible Finns left it out.
Good old Finns. By the way, if anyone noticed, I was wearing an Assembly
T-shirt yesterday (Assembly is the best demoparty in the world, and it's in
Finland). I love Finland, as you're bound to find out sooner or later.


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> Hmmm. BFG@amigascne.org
> judging from the domain, i assume we have another (ex?) amiga enthusiast
> amongs us??
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> Martin.
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