[Nottingham] RedHat 8.0

Michael Erskine nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Feb 7 09:10:01 2003

Steve Caddy [mailto:dyn@m0ng.com] wrote:

> Ok, fair comment. I'll have a look around for other options,=20
> but I don't
> want anything too big - I'm only running it on an old P100=20
> (with a VT420 and
> no mouse) with the intention of setting it up as a router,=20
> and my old RH6.0
> install is getting rather dated (2.2.5-15 kernel... *shudder*).

Can I recommend Slackware 8.1 ? It is very modern, comes on a single CD,
and is a good primer in what actually goes on under the hood -- it
taught me a lot of what is necessary and what is cruft in a
distribution. I have recently upgraded my Pentium 60's from RedHat 6.2
to Slackware 8.1 and it can still cope! Send my your address and I'll
send you a copy gratis.