[Nottingham] wireless cards

Rob Andrews nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Feb 7 19:41:01 2003

[07-Feb-2003 11:35.47 (GMT) / Martin Garton]
 > > I have an A4000 lying around, what the chances of getting netbsd on it?
 > > also, is there such a thing as an ethernet card for an amiga?? I don't
 > > fancy using SLIP!! :-).
 > I have an ethernet card in my a4000. It's called "ariadne II" IIRC. I
 > wanted to try and install linux on it, but it's lack of MMU makes it
 > difficult (it's an EC-030). I have been watching uclinux for a while, but
 > I haven't managed to achieve the required motivation to try anything.
 > I imagine netbsd requires an MMU also?

I have an A1200 that used to run NetBSD 1.5, with a PCMCIA NE2000 card. It
requires an MMU, but isn't so finickity about FPUs these days.

Linux also runs quite happily on it, but the '030@50MHz struggles to do
anything at a great speed. NetBSD appears to run faster, although I've never
given it a proper timed test to see exactly how fast that is.

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