[Nottingham] Sound card detection

Martin Waryniak nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Feb 10 00:41:03 2003

Hi all,
 I got a problem with my sound card. I run RH8 (please no comments on it 
:) ) on a Toshiba Laptop. The sounds works fine, as in I can hear sound 
and also play mp3's and so forth. The problem is that it is just really 
quite. I have got my volume control turned up half way and it's 
silent-moderate volume. Normally (under Windows) that would be very loud.
I can't find a volume control anywhere in KDE. The Sound Server plays 
sounds but has its sound card settings as auto detect. interestingly, no 
sound card is actually recognized! no information is available in KDE 
(the command centre) on the soundscard.
Can anyone help me out how to increase my volume or how set up my sound 
card properly?
Thank you all in advance!