[Nottingham] Sharing connections

Steve Caddy nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Feb 10 15:31:01 2003

> Well we are setting a budget of about 120 a month for a net connection
> (lots of people in the flat).

Having read this thread, I think it's possible we might have missed the
point a little. It is possible to route a LAN onto three independant 1Mb
connections, but note that any one person will only have access to one of
the 3 connections, and thus won't actually have 3Mb of bandwidth. I don't
think it'll be a real issue though.

All you need to do is set up people's LAN IP addresses to fall into 3
subnets under 192.168.0.x , say ranges 64-127, 128-191, and 192-255. Make
your routing machine have 4 network cards, one sitting on the LAN with an IP
of, and the other three on 1MB cable modems, or whatever you
plan to use.

I'm no expert with ipchains or iptables (I'm currently trying to set up a
routing linux box myself... learning the hard way), but I'm fairly sure you
could make each of the three ranges map to one of the three external

Anyone want to refine this plan a little for me?


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