[Nottingham] Sharing connections

Rob Andrews nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Feb 10 19:25:01 2003

[10-Feb-2003 18:25.04 (GMT) / Tom Bird]
 > > =A3120 a month? You'll quite easily get 2Mb symmetric DSL for that...
 > No you wont... not symmetric.

Definately not symmetric. That'd be SDSL, and the prices for that are
extortionate. Plus you have *lots* of restrictions on SDSL...

Worked out that, should you pay yearly, you can get Easynet RADSL on a LL=
exchange (major cities, often) for around GBP200 per month. I think that'=
ex vat, so add another GBP35 for your troubles :)

Speed? 4Mb downstream, 0.75Mb upstream. Ample, as far as I'm concerned :)

 > And for gods sake, trim your replies.

/me agrees.

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