[Nottingham] NanNet

laccata nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Feb 11 21:07:00 2003

On Tuesday 11 February 2003 20:24, Nick B. wrote:
> Lee,
> I took a peek at naan.org.uk - its a great concept!.
> Are there any wireless lans of this type in the East Midlands actually
> in operation? I do recall hearing things about Starbucks coffee shops in
> London and Gill Bates'park bench elsewhere in the world but I'd love to
> see something like this on a more local level.
> Wireless hardware seems to be dropping in price daily, I must get my
> hands on some and investigate it.
Not exactly Nottingham, but the latest edition of Linux User & Developer=20
(www.linuxuser.co.uk) has an extensive article on a similar community proje=
to supply a wireless network  to a rural community on the IOW.

=46or some reason this magazine holds articles back for a couple of issues =
its web site - even though you can get a free magazine subscription!

One crucial point made by the article  is the isp's attitude to what is goi=
on.  After all, they really would prefer it if all the nice people would pa=
for their own broadband connection - it is likely that a domestic contract=
would specifically forbid this sort of subversive activity.  The IOW projec=
was ok as far as the (satellite) isp was concerned, as they had no intentio=
/ funds to lay cable or supply dishes in such a community.  Radford is not=

I've just set up wireless stuff at home (SuSE 8.0, Belkin F5D6130 Access=20
Point, Belkin F5D6020 v2 pcmcia client if anyone's interested).

Security is scary, but it's really addictive. =20