[Nottingham] NanNet

Robert Postill nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Feb 12 12:01:13 2003

This kinda depends on a couple of things.  Assuming you keep with the 
ariels you get on most products it's about 50-100 metres in all 
directions (with distortion vertically if memory serves).  However WLANs 
suck in environments with a lot of moisture, the range can be limited to 
10 metres or less if it's drizzling (which kinda is a problem in 
Notingham :).  Also microwaves (for 802.11) and large metal objects can 
deaden the signal.  You can get ariels to boost the reception and focus 
the transmissions in specific directions, but that can get difficult 

As for the specifics, I think most communities would get benefit from 
WLANs.  Panic buttons for sheltered housing, Voice over IP networks for 
free telecoms the list is endless.

Alex Tibbles wrote:
>  --- "Nick B." <nick@nowindows.net> wrote: > Lee,
>>I took a peek at naan.org.uk - its a great concept!.
> i live in NG7 and have access to a (sloping) roof, so
> should be able to put up an antenna. any ideas of how
> far 802.11b will reach? i read about consume.net a
> couple of years ago an liked the idea. i think they
> also wanted to connect the community network to the
> wider Internet via donated broadband. i'm sure most
> people would only do that if a) it was secure (and you
> didn't get prosecuted when hax0rs used the connection
> :) ), b) the donated bandwidth was throttled.
> what precisely should be on a community network? i
> noticed a radio station. the local libraries (gregory
> boulevard...(?)).
> alex
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