[Nottingham] Telnet with 'comfort shell' features for talkinjg to dumb server control programs

Robert Davies nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Feb 15 10:08:02 2003

I'm having to use ssh more onto a server in the net and then talk to various 
client daemons over telnet.  It's not repetitive enough to automate using 
except(1), but the lack of up-arrow and history features are driving me barmy.

Surely someone has had this problem before?  There must be a 'pseudo-shell' 
which does history and file completion, but punts all the commands on to the 
tcp/ip server process you are talking to?  This would even be useful for 
manual checking on webservers, and fixing mailer daemons, where you can 
reload a configuration on the flie and don't have access to GUI environment.