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Almost certainly not. Telephone numbers maybe, but only if you belong to a
DONOTCALL list, and online signups do exist on the internet (if you sign up,
it is illegal for people to call you to sell you things). And where you
catch the bus, if you really want to say, do so, but someone may decide to
have some fun and play a prank. Not a good thing to do. Best to leave
personal contact details to people who ask for them (as you would do in
private life - would you put those details on a board in a leisure centre -
especially if in Mansfield or some other hell hole - sorry fi you live
there). Just my two cents/pence.


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| Is it now acceptable to post personal details such as telephone numbers,
| where you catch the bus, and so forth on the internet?
| Just be careful, there are psychopaths in Nottingham with guns.
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