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Lee nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Feb 18 11:54:01 2003

Bubble Burst? what bubble? do you mean suits trying to make money from
sending packets to each other?

One of the papers is about how new zealand connected itself to the
internet, nz being an island. The isp's got together and invested in
thier under sea link, thus reducing costs by sharing...what a novel
Idea??...if only this island could think on the same lines.... It's more
on the actual transfer of datagrams, rather than all the sillyness that
goes on at layer 7, the application layer is where the suits hang out,
trying to make money from nothing..;-)... I guess you could call
enron/global crossing layer 8? The only thing that prevents us from fast
local networking, is the local BT copper loop, avoid that and your made.

I'm only interested in the internet when the costs of sending packets
becomes very close to zero. If you want gurantee's, then you have to pay
for it...look at ntl, they 'say' 512k download speed, so what I say, to
where, for how long, and how much? oh dear....

and was'nt jsut a few years ago that bt said the internet would fail?

wow, makes you think don't it....

So if we talk about bubbles, I see only bubbles of suits trying to shape
our technology with thier (not our) best interests in mind...


On Tue, 2003-02-18 at 09:18, BUNTER MATTHEW wrote:
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> > I have a book called 'Internet Economics' and it's a darn good
> > read....
> Was this written before or after the bubble burst? Not a joke question,
> if it was written after I'll buy it, if not then maybe a second edition
> might have lessons learnt, what NOT to do etc.
> Rgs,
> Matt
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