[Nottingham] linux on sparc

Robert Postill nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Feb 18 12:26:03 2003

On my Ultra 10 (well not really mine, work owns it, I abuse it :) the 
procedure to boot from cd is to stop the boot by hitting stop and a on 
the keyboard then when the openboot prom prompt pops up (its the one 
that says ok) type "boot cdrom". Your install CD should boot and off you 
go!  The biggest difference is the openboot prom replaces the BIOS on a 
PC.  It's slower but a lot more powerfull.  You can find info on the 
prom environment in solaris certification documentation as well as the 
sun.com bigadmin site.

mike wrote:
> Hi all,
> i've got a old sparcStation5 (uh.how do I find out more?) on my desk and
> I really want to get linux on it, but my sparc/solaris knowledge is
> almost nill. 
> I've installed on intel plenty, but what do i need to look out for on
> sparc?
> Can anyone give advice on starting an install (boot floppy??) best
> distro (yeah, debian) and other gotcha's? It's gonna be used for
> web/media streaming(quicktime/helix). Location of tfm's to r also
> appreciated.
> ta 
> Mike
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