[Nottingham] NanNet

Alex Tibbles nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Feb 24 12:04:02 2003

 --- ".waffle" <BFG@amigascne.org> wrote: > 250 seems
rather expensive to me... 100 should
> easily cover the costs of a
> _router_, even if it is wireless...

sorry for hijacking - this isn't a true reply.

What kind of hardware do you _need_ for a wireless
router? Firstly, are there ISA (wireless) NICs?
Secondly, what kind of MHz do you need to route 11Mb/s
peak? I assume that the latter is a harder question
and will entirely depend on routing issues, like
protocol (if any), network size, topology (probably
others - i'm no cisco expert).

so assuming very simple routing (statically determined
route(s)), how low can you go? classic pentium? 486?
my 486 has no problems using 10Mb/s on ethernet, but i
don't know whether wireless has more in-cpu
computation al overhead. any ideas?

second scenario is locustworld (or naan software if
there is any). what kind of requirements do these
have? locustworld states 64MB of ram (no further
details that i could see) which suggests ~200MHz
classic-era pentium (a guess).

the reason i'm asking is that i have various bits of
hardware which {`have been`, `will be at some point`}
retired from normal use. some may be able to function
as a mesh node.


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